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I have given you power to forgive sins, and when the Lord gives a gift, he does not take it back again. Do you think the early church would've had better luck if they wouldn't have separated themselves from the other Christian churches? He HAD to keep them isolated from other churches to maintain control. They are still doing that as you know. The more special and unique they felt the more the leaders could gain and maintain control.

I have read some of these before, likely mostly here on the BB, but some are new to me and there's a couple of jawdroppers in here. If so, was it before or after his mainstreaming efforts? With this pronouncement, at least, they can agree with the Mormon prophet! I thought Catholicism was the whore?

I wonder if these quotes were used in the recent BY church manual? I'm sure the new members would be interested to read this. Again, this gets to a root doctrine of Mormonism that is so way off base. He wouldn't. He didn't. No wonder they don't like you to check books out of the church library!

They told me this was not true. Unless it's that same old, same old, that church members don't know what the church teaches, even the leaders don't know. No wonder there's so much dissonance. Nothing makes sense and nothing is consistent and nobody knows anything and anything they may know, they won't admit to. Oh oh, is this why they call us apostate? But of course, this can't be translated correctly, according to Mormons.

Man, this stuff just hit all my buttons. Uh, thanks, Decon, I think! BTW, any chance you have dates on some of those references?

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I roughly know the timelines but dates would help out with keeping things in perspective. Thanks Nightingale, you just said it all for me. I couldn't believe some of the quotes, especially the one that JS will be standing at the Pearly Gate. What happened to, is it St. We need someone to start a thread on JS standing at the gate admitting people famous types and quoting him. And thank you Decon for another great post. Any church reference after comes from the church's own website - like the Melchizedek Priesthood Study Guide quote.

If there is a web site with this information, let me know and I'll reference it in the future. I suggest that everyone make a copy of this excellent post and keep it handy when some TBM associate of theirs starts whining about the persecution of the Mormons and rub their noses into it. By the way, I had an incident with a TBM now ex-friend of mine who went on a nasty tirade when I started asking some fairly straight forward questions via E-Mail about the history of the LDS church.

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Instant change from from an otherwise reasonable, well educated person, to an obnoxious thug who made attacked any questioning about God's true church. Needless to say I reciprocated, and then some. One thing that is apparent when examining the LDS church, from it's origins to the present, is that behind the facade of genteel religiosity is an ugly mind set that has little tolerance for anyone, or any institution, that does not bow down to their beliefs. Stolen from Deconstructors post: "Christianity Watch out, there's trouble a brewin'!!! It is about John Taylor this year. I wonder how may "good" meaning: those types of quotes Deconstructor finds that reveal a bit of the true nature of the man instead of the whitewashed stuff in the manual quotes from John Taylor someone could bring up during the lessons this year.

The first lesson is titled "The Origin and Destiny of Mankind". In this section is the quote: "We were as much in the dark as other people were about the principles of salvation, and the relationship we hold to God and each other, until these things were made known to us by Joseph Smith.

Don't forget to answer the following questions from the end of the lesson: Q How does it help you to know that you are a child of God? How does this knowledge influence your feelings about your own potential? In what ways does this knowledge influence your prayers? A I love being the son of a diety that so frequently slaughtered people in ancient times.

I dare not speak against him in my prayers for fear of suffering the same fate! Q How does the truth that all people are sons and daughters of God affect your view of others? How should this knowledge affect our relationships within our families? A I guess god really hated his "black" sons and daughters I suppose I should too Q Why is it necessary that we live in a mortal state? See also 2 Nephi , 2 Nephi ; Moses What role does Jesus Christ play in helping us fulfill our divine potential? A Because only mortal states have money that can be paid as tithing?!?

Q How have the doctrines of the Church helped you understand your origin and destiny? The Family history library has classes going all the time. Maintains inventories of places you can do research, and the records that are available.

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