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The the district attorney of Contra Costa County file Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant appealed his conviction for residential burglary and misdemeanor trespass. The court concluded that there was sufficient evidence to establish that the residence at issue is an inhabited dwelling for the purpos Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs were injured when they started to cross the street after activating a pedestrian warning beacon and were struck by a vehicle.

On appeal, plaintiffs challenged the trial court's order granting summary judgment Justia Opinion Summary: Linda Brandes appealed a judgment awarding Charles Brandes a business he founded before the parties married, Brandes Investment Partners BIP , as his separate property, and awarding the community an equitable allocation Based on the Rhode Island conviction, Holmes began registering as a sex offender in California.

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In , Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff Peter Michaels and defendant Peggy Turk lived with each other from to and had one child together, a son born in For nearly a decade, they have been litigating over child custody, child support, Justia Opinion Summary: Seymour was convicted by plea of one felony count of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury Pen. Code a 1 based on domestic violence toward his girlfriend.

The trial court suspended impos Justia Opinion Summary: Gallardo stopped paying court-ordered child support for nearly a year. His ex-wife sought an income withholding order. At a hearing, he denied he was behind on his child support payments, and held up a sheaf of fraudule Justia Opinion Summary: PegaStaff is a temporary staffing agency. Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff filed suit against CSU, his former employer, alleging that CSU discriminated against him based on his national origin when it denied his application for a tenured faculty position and consequently terminated hi In , Sharp implemented "nurse-led" cardiac stress testing in which a physician Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff, a forest ranger at Yosemite National Park, filed suit against defendant, a public entity, after he was injured by a grease fire from a skillet in his rental unit.

Defendant provided plaintiff and other tenant After she left Pacific in February , she claimed she was owed commissions for, among other things, certain work done by a fellow emp Justia Opinion Summary: HP sued Oracle, based on Oracle's announcement that it would no longer make software products compatible with HP hardware products. After the court found that Oracle was obligated to adapt its products to the HP systems Tribeca claimed it was entitled to the deposit and asserted claims for breach of Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff appealed the denial of his petition for a writ of mandate against defendants, alleging that he is not subject to sex offender registration in California, Pen.

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Code, , subd. The court concluded, Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant appealed his conviction for attempted robbery. Justia Opinion Summary: Real parties filed an action against the builders of their homes for recovery of damages allegedly resulting from defects in the construction of the homes. Petitioners moved to stay the litigation until real parties comp Justia Opinion Summary: D.

Mother N. She argued that Welfare and Institutions Code sec Justia Opinion Summary: In , defendant was convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14, sentenced to 12 years in prison, and ordered to register as a sex offender under Penal Code He was released on parole in , but ret Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs were a group of cities in their municipal capacities and the successor agencies to several redevelopment agencies that have since been dissolved, multiple community development commissions, a private nonprofit It challenged mandatory assessments it had to pay to the California Grape Rootstock Improvement Commission to help fund research for pest-resistant and drought-resista Justia Opinion Summary: Governmental jurisdictions enter into mutual aid firefighting agreements to assist one another in fighting fires within their jurisdictions.

Two such agreements are at issue here. Justia Opinion Summary: The dependency petition alleged that mother "K. Justia Opinion Summary: Irwin and Linda divorced in Their marital termination agreement, which merged into a judgment, required Irwin to establish a life insurance trust for Linda, subject to certain term Justia Opinion Summary: In , on Highway in Monterey County, a bus driver lost control of the vehicle, which collided with bridge rails. The bus, carrying 34 French tourists, rolled; 18 occupants were ejected.

Several were thrown over th Justia Opinion Summary: Diamond was injured while riding as a passenger in a taxi that was involved in a collision with another car. She settled claims against the taxi driver, the owner of the cab, and the Yellow Cab Collective. The Yellow Ca Hellam sued Crane and others after he developed meso Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs filed suit against defendants for false advertising on the Internet.

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Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant-appellant Timothy Sherow was originally convicted of nine counts of second degree burglary arising from offenses committed in He admitted eight prison priors and one strike prior. Sherow was sentenced to In , defendant pled guilty to the crime of forcible rape and admitted Justia Opinion Summary: In a complaint filed in November, , defendant Colette Jean Eandi allegedly failed to appear in August on a felony charge of possessing a controlled substance, and also alleged an enhancement for committing this Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs, various hospitals, filed these appeals to recoup financial reimbursement from the Department after their successful petition for writ of mandate to have SB invalidated.

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The court concluded that Plaintiff Plaintiff contended that the trial cour Justia Opinion Summary: In , defendant Felicia Alford, then a minor, settled a personal injury claim against certain insureds of defendant State Farm Fire. Under the settlement, State Farm Life was to deliver an annuity providing for guaran Carlson sought damages for wrongful termination, harassment, breach o Justia Opinion Summary: Michael C. Father mainly argued that no sufficient evidence supported the court' Warner served as a municipal and then superior court judge from July until his retirement in October In November , he applied for a disability retirement benefit under th In order to renovate and rehabilitate the property, Spanish The County accepted the dedication in Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs, including Jack and Nancy Cooper, filed suit against Takeda, manufacturers of the prescription drug Actos, which is used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The Coopers appealed the trial court's grant of Taked Code,1 et seq. Justia Opinion Summary: Darbun filed suit against Mission for breach of a lease agreement, seeking damages and specific performance. In the published portion of the opinion, the court held that, in cases involving mixed issues of equity and law Justia Opinion Summary: Penal Code section , subdivision a requires the trial court to declare a forfeiture of bail when a defendant fails to appear in court without a satisfactory excuse.

Once a notice of forfeiture is mailed, the surety Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant appealed from a Proposition 47 order resentencing him to one year county jail with credit for time served, and the imposition of supervised parole for one year. The trial court awarded actual days and d Justia Opinion Summary: This appeal arose from three separate cases: in each case the trial court granted defendant probation. In the first case, the trial court suspended execution of sentence and imposed a restitution fund fine.

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In the second Justia Opinion Summary: Anthony B. Father appealed a juvenile court order terminating his parental rights to minor, Anthony B. Anthony , and choosing adoption as the appropriate permanent plan. Justia Opinion Summary: Great Oaks, a water retailer, challenged a groundwater extraction fee imposed on water it draws from wells on its property. Justia Opinion Summary: Mother appealed the trial court's order terminating her parental rights with regard to her daughter. A gang al Justia Opinion Summary: After determining that Kevin, a minor, committed robbery, the juvenile court declared him a ward of the court and placed him on probation with conditions.

The court of appeal affirmed as modified: there was insufficient Several weeks later, the court declared I.

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Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant was convicted of possession of cocaine base for sale. The trial court sentenced defendant to an aggregate term of 13 years in county jail. The court found an error under People v. Sanders because a juror who wa Appointed counsel for defendant asked the Court of Justia Opinion Summary: Facing felony charges for a home-invasion robbery, Calloway was found incompetent to stand trial in under Penal Code After years of confinement under Penal Code Justia Opinion Summary: After Secundino Medino died of asbestos-related mesothelioma, Medina's estate and his family filed suit against several defendants, including BWMT, alleging claims for negligence, strict liability, and wrongful death.

Justia Opinion Summary: Joshua was the year-old son of Charlotte. In October , Joshua was removed from his mother's care after she became intoxicated and scratched and pinched him. Police officers observed that Charlotte was "delirious" Justia Opinion Summary: A jury found defendant-appellant Jose Cardenas guilty of one count of robbery, and three counts of burglary. As to counts 1 and 3, the jury found true: that defendant had personally inflicted great bodily injury upon a p Justia Opinion Summary: Appellant L.

Father appealed a juvenile court order from the Welfare and Institutions Code, section Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant Theodore Soria appealed after a jury found him guilty of rape of an unconscious person and rape of an intoxicated person. Defendant admitted habitual criminal prior serious felony and strike conviction allegati Code, from Newark Unified School District. The District inadvertently included documents that, the District contends, are subject to Justia Opinion Summary: The City appealed the trial court's judgment directing it to approve Carson Harbor Village's application to convert its mobilehome park from a rental facility to a subdivision of resident-owned lots.

The court concluded Justia Opinion Summary: After defendant Jesse David Perez was released on his own recognizance OR on a felony drug charge, he was convicted of both the drug and felony failure to appear FTA charges and sentenced to prison. He appealed, volu The District appealed the trial court's order, contending t Glenn Jor Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant-appellant Darius Knight was convicted by jury of robbery, and the jury found not true the special allegation that he inflicted great bodily harm on the victim.

The robbery was his third strike, and as a result, He requested that the trial court enter an order requiring multiple public agencies to "preserve" 22 categories of documents and other materials h Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs, truck drivers for Seacon, filed suit under Labor Code section for the reimbursement of paycheck deductions, contending that they should have been classified as employees, not independent contractors.

Justia Opinion Summary: Mother challenged the juvenile court's jurisdictional and dispositional order regarding her two children. The court agreed with Mother's contention that her failure to obtain a protective order following a domestic Justia Opinion Summary: Christopher Olson filed for divorce from Heather Olson, requesting joint custody of their two young children.

After Heather did not respond, a default judgment of dissolution, which included a custody order, was granted Justia Opinion Summary: A resident called police after seeing unfamiliar people entering a property that was under construction. Marion executed a will in California, placing her separate property assets in the Trust and providing that Mary would receive the Trust income during her Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant Tywayne Whitaker appealed a combined sentence that the trial court imposed after Whitaker committed a crime while on probation. Whitaker pled guilty to a new charge, and the trial court revoked Whitaker's proba Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs filed suit alleging claims for breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, and legal malpractice, and defendants moved to strike the entire complaint as to the individual plaintiffs Klotz and Spitz because defendan Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant, convicted of possession of a firearm by a felon, was sentenced to a term of six years in prison, including one year for each of his two prior prison terms.

He admitted one prior strike conviction under Pen. Justia Opinion Summary: Under former Welfare and Institutions Code section , a trial court could dismiss the criminal charges against a defendant who successfully completed a commitment to the California Rehabilitation Center CRC and the Justia Opinion Summary: Andrade was convicted of six counts of forcible oral copulation Pen. Code, a c 2 and seven counts of forcible rape a 2. The jury also found true the allegation that defendant had committed the offenses ag Justia Opinion Summary: The parties married in and separated in Justia Opinion Summary: In California voters passed Proposition 47, which reclassified certain offenses from felonies to misdemeanors.

Proposition 47 also enacted Penal Code section Justia Opinion Summary: Christian, age 16, was arrested for selling cocaine base. A wardship petition was filed. Immigration officials were notified. Justia Opinion Summary: Castaic appealed a judgment dismissing its petition for writ of mandate. In the writ petition, Castaic sought to overturn certain action taken by Newhall on the ground that Newhall failed to comply with the open meeting The trial court certified a class for Justia Opinion Summary: The magistrate dismissed a felony complaint against defendant alleging two counts of threatening a crime victim.

Penal Code Section , subdivision a makes it a crime to threaten a crime victim with violence.

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Here, th An inmate stabbed him eight times in the neck, shoulder, and arm. This resulted in a stipulate Marshall cared for J. Justia Opinion Summary: Purchasers of notebook computers, manufactured by HP, filed a class action, alleging that certain notebook computers manufactured by HP contained inverters that HP knew would likely fail and cause display screens to dim Justia Opinion Summary: Aeolus and Debtors owed plaintiffs over five million dollars pursuant to an arbitrator's ruling.

Before plaintiffs obtained a judgment confirming the arbitration award, Aeolus entered into a security agreement with Zheji Justia Opinion Summary: Surety American Contractors Indemnity appealed the entry of summary judgment in favor of El Dorado County following the forfeiture of a bail bond. American Contractors argued that the trial court entered judgment before The charges were based on the premise that Riley, who was the insurance broker for Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff Law Firm of Marc Grossman represented a student of defendant Victor Elementary School in a civil action arising from an assault that took place at the school.

Plaintiff, in the name of the law firm, filed a pet Justia Opinion Summary: Eric Woolery appealed a trial court order denying his motion seeking an award of attorney fees. Woolery filed his motion after he successfully defended against the verified petition for a peremptory writ of mandate that Justia Opinion Summary: Smith, a California partnership, hired attorney Moncrief to perform due diligence for its purchase of equipment from Texas Hill in Arizona.

Texas Hill was represented by Clark, an Arizona attorney. Moncrief performed a U Justia Opinion Summary: After a police officer scanned Instagram and saw photos of appellant then on probation and others in possession of firearms, officers performed a probation search and found loaded firearms. The San Francisco County Dis Justia Opinion Summary: In , when Lopes was 17 years old, she entered a plea of no contest to felony driving under the influence with injury under section a and was detained as a ward of the court and committed to a DUI Youth Program Gang members stole beer that Arechiga had just purchased.