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You can also visit a police station or approach a law enforcement agency and ask them to run a warrant search for you. You can also call any of these parties and ask them for the information. However, if you have an arrest warrant in your name, be prepared to turn yourself in, before you choose to take the offline approach. When you get in touch with local law enforcement, you are giving the police an opportunity to trace you or to catch you when you walk—in.

Online — To do an online warrant check, you can go to websites of federal, state, county or city agencies that may have procured the warrant against you. You will be able to search for outstanding warrants easily. In some cases, the websites will show you a warrant list and you will have to go through the whole list to track the name you are looking for. There are some convenient websites that allow you to just type the name and get the warrant details. There are some non-government websites too that can get you various records from court to criminal and arrest.

They charge a fee for these services, but they can get you the details of warrants in your name. However, some states do not allow third-party websites to access arrest records or arrest warrants. Yes, you can have the warrant cancelled in some cases and most people would recommend it. You can get the warrant cancelled by visiting the court house that has issued the warrant and paying the fine, if it is an offense. You can also post a bond and see the judge at the earliest.

In most cities, you can visit the court between 8. The warrant list is available on state, city and county websites. A warrant round up in Alamance County, NC is a way for the county or city to collect the outstanding fines payable by people. It is a good opportunity for people to go to court on the day of the round-up and get the matter addressed. Missing this opportunity simply creates a pathway for arrest at any time in the future. How do I see if I have sex offenders living in my neighborhood?

Is there a visitor dress code at the jail? Jury Duty, I have questions? What am I not allowed to bring into Jail when I am visiting? What are the Jail visiting hours?

What do I do if I missed my court date? Who do I contact to setup a deputy for a special?

Criminal Warrant Service Unit

Where do I go to get married? How Do I Court Dates Courthouse: Dick St. North Carolina law says any person can take out a warrant against anyone by going to the magistrate, meaning a person can basically accuse anyone of anything and it will go through the judicial process. But in most other states, law requires an official investigation conducted by a law enforcement agency before an arrest warrant can be issued.

General Assembly wrote the law like it did. He did say that the statute itself dated back to at least , though it has been amended several times over the years.

South Carolina Warrant Search

For one, magistrates will generally not issue arrest warrants for felonies unless law enforcement is involved in the investigation, presumably because of the potential seriousness of the complaint, Welty said. Also, magistrates in most cases refuse to issue warrants against public officials, law enforcement officers or teachers based solely on a citizen complaint because those groups are viewed as populations that are more likely to be the subject of vexatious allegations. Jon David, the district attorney for Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen counties, said that if an arrest warrant is issued against a person, that arrest stays on their record even if the charges are ultimately dismissed.

The record can be expunged, but that is an expensive and time-consuming process.

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  6. David said the law allows a private individual to invoke the power of the government to make an arrest without any modicum of an investigation. This is an awful law which should be abolished. It is greatly abused. It requires innocent people to expend time and money defending themselves against false accusations, in the meantime living under a cloud of suspicion.

    And once this false accusation is transformed into an arrest warrant, forever more the innocent person has a formal record of criminal conduct which never occurred. No one ever takes the trouble to view the dismissal of the false charge. When a citizen comes before us with a complaint about another citizen a Magistrate usually has no knowledge of either of the parties. The first investigative procedure I use is to check the criminal records of both individuals, the person making the complaint and the potential defendant.

    This will give me some inclination as to the character of both. It is my strong opinion that I could not make an adequate and informed decision as to whether there exisits probable cause to bring criminal charges without doing so. From the information available in the criminal records of each person I can tell if the parties have an ongoing feud with a history of bringing charges against one another, if the potential defendant has current charges pending against the person now in front of me, if false charges have been made in the past and the genaral character of both based upon the crimes they each have been charged with in the past and the outcome of the past criminal charges.

    Then after listening to what the citizen has to tell me about the potential defendant and asking them questions I follow a three stage procedure to determine if I will issue either an arrest warrant or a criminal summons, refer them to law enforcement, tell them they have a civil case not a criminal case or politely tell them I have not found probable cause to bring criminal charges. First, I will determine if a crime may have been committed or if this is a civil matter.

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    Next, if a crime may have been committed is it a misdemeanor or a felony. If a felony I cannot bring charges and I will refer them to Law Enforcement. Finally I will determine the truthfullness of the accusations based upon the review of their criminal record, what they have told me and any contridictions therein, their answers to my questions, if they have witnesses present and if they have a motive for bring false charges against the potential defendant.

    I will then issue an arrest warrant or a criminal summons or tell them I will not take any action in the matter.


    If I do take a criminal charge it is almost always a criminal summons. I will issue arrest warrants in under certain circumstances and I am very consistant as to the circumstances under which I will have a defendant arrested. I have to conduct a mini trial with the disadvantage of hearing only one side of the situation that being the person in front of me telling what has happened in the light most favorable to thier cause.

    Not all Magistrates are lawyers. I have over twenty years of criminal trial experiance to draw upon. Even so, it is very time consuming to follow through on the procedure as described above. The most stress free approach a Magistrate can take is to say yes to every one who comes before them and give that person what they want, be it a civilian and an arrest warrant, a law enforcement officer with an arrest warrant or a search warrant or a mental committment. By saying yes, the person before you is satisfied and the Magistrate will probably never come into contact with the person being arrested or house searched.

    When you say no is when you get the arguments and complaints. If a citizen lies to a Magistrate, even swearing their false statements are true, and the Magistrate issues a criminal action, rarely if ever, is there a negative consequence for such false charges. If a Magistrate does what they are supposed to do and even more importantly has the time to meet thier responsibilites, many false and frivolous cases will be diverted from clogging up an already overburdened court system.

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    What I believe needs to be addressed is the many situations where totally innocent people are arrested or sent to court based upon false charges made by others. The person making the false charges usually does not show up to court to testify and the charges are dropped. This is small comfort for the falsely accused defendant who has most likely already made at least two court appearances and now has a criminal record.

    Magistrates are the gateway to the judicial system. To perform thier duties efficiently they need the knowledge and time necessary to do so. Heres the thing first off as a citizen of NC for ALL of my life, we are happy to have this law, because the law here isnt always as concerned as they should be. My sister was beaten bad, and he was in the parking lot watching her every move at work and had been.

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    They had him in the back of the car told us because he had hit her the day before and not THAT day she called the cops they were taking him off grounds and releasing him. Now they cant find him but hes blowing her phone up leaving nutty messages and calling her work phone.

    Thanks to the fine officers of RPD that didnt do their job the morning we called them and they had him in the back of the car my sister cant go any where alone.