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All calls going out of the prison are collect calls. You are responsible for paying. Inmates must know the phone numbers off the top of their head. They do not have a list of numbers or an address book. Jail clerks are no longer in charge of setting up visitation appointments. In order to visit, you must have a government ID. There are only four people allowed to visit at one time. Depending on what pod the inmate is being held in, visitation can be between AM to PM.

Each housing pod has two designated visitation times. All visitors in Chatham County Detention Center need to be registered, even children. You must call and schedule an appointment with 24 hours of the visit. You can also schedule visitation times online too. The visiting starts in first in, first out type of fashion. No new visitors will be allowed in 45 minutes before the end of the visit day. You are only permitted one visit a week. The facility can hold up to inmates Adult. There is an administrative office as well. Inmate Search. Sending a Mail. Sending Money.

Phone calls. Visiting Rules. First Name. Last Name. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Chatham County Sheriff's Office. Address: Carl Griffin DriveP. You can send money to inmates in Chatham County Detention Center a few different ways.

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Phone You can contact Keefe Commissary at this phone number Online The last way you can send money is by going online and setting up an account with Access Corrections. Video visitation is available too. Video visitation is through Smart Communications.

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Visiting Hours. How Often Can I Visit? Refer the map below to find the driving directions. On March 11, , Demilo Glover, jailed a week earlier after an arrest on a drunk driving charge, told a nurse his medications had been changed and he hallucinated that a little boy had appeared in his room holding a can of green beans, a department report said.

The CorrectHealth team moved him to a rear infirmary cell. Throughout the night, he screamed.

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Earlier, Glover, who described himself as bipolar, told medical staff he had not taken his antipsychotic and antidepressant prescriptions for one to two days before his arrest and made bad decisions when not medicated. The next morning, March 12, two guards collected his breakfast tray and asked Glover if he was OK.

After they left, Glover knotted his bed sheet around his neck and slung it from a pipe. Minutes later, the guards returned to the cell, finding his corpse. When the monitors told Wilcher the infirmary did not have enough nurses, he bristled. On April 3 of that year, Jerome Hill, 36, was arrested for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a handgun. Barely 90 minutes after being jailed, Hill said he wanted to kill himself, a department internal affairs report said. At p. He died 18 days later, while in a coma at a hospital. As the sides negotiated new contract terms, CorrectHealth balked at the millions in pending fines.

At this impasse, county administrators began negotiating with Virginia healthcare provider MHM Centurion. At a county commission meeting October 20, , Wilcher chastised the county. Commissioners rebuffed him, voting for Centurion. The company was supposed to take over one week later. Faced with uncertainty, Centurion walked away. In turn, commissioners approved CorrectHealth staying on through June — ahead of the awarding of a new three-year contract.

Centurion declined to comment. Just one county commissioner, Chester Ellis, objected. In April , CorrectHealth bid on a new healthcare tender. Among three bidders, its proposal received the poorest score from a county screening committee, but offered the lowest bid. Very little detail; Not thorough.

The vote was in favor, with Ellis dissenting. During the bidding, Reuters found, the company had inflated the costs of providing medical care when the county requested numbers to provide rival bidders. The inflated number allowed Musso to offer a lower bid than competitors.

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Musso did not answer questions about the conflicting numbers. As CorrectHealth won the contract renewal, Wilcher hired his own monitor to offer guidance on securing a coveted accreditation from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, an industry body that provides voluntary health standards for jails and state prisons and offers its seal of approval. Ray did not respond to interview requests.

At the time of its visit, the group said, the jail had not had a suicide in 12 months. That was true, but the letter omitted the subsequent death of inmate Mosheh Underwood, 24, who hung himself in his cell August 4, Upset after a call with his lawyer, Underwood had asked for paper to cover his cell window so he could have privacy to use the bathroom. On February 14, , the news was officially announced.

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The Chatham County jail had won full accreditation for its mental health and healthcare services, becoming the first local jail to win this honor. Additional reporting by Peter Eisler and Grant Smith. Editing by Ronnie Greene. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States.