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In this table, each brand index is associate with an ASCII brand identification string that identifies the official Intel family and model number of a processor. Software can then use this index to locate the brand identification string for the processor in the brand identification table.

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The first entry brand index 0 in this table is reserved, allowing for backward compatibility with processors that do not support the brand identification feature. Use brand string method instead. Table shows brand indices that have identification strings associated with them. EAX Reserved. EBX Reserved.

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ECX Bits 00 - 31 of 96 bit processor serial number. Available in Pentium III processor only; otherwise, the value in this register is reserved. EDX Bits 32 - 63 of 96 bit processor serial number. Bits 07 - Cache Level starts at 1.

Bit Self Initializing cache level does not need SW initialization. Bit Fully Associative cache. Bits 13 - Reserved. Bit Cache Inclusiveness. Bit Complex Cache Indexing. Valid ECX values start from 0. EAX Bits 15 - Smallest monitor-line size in bytes default is processor's monitor granularity. EBX Bits 15 - Largest monitor-line size in bytes default is processor's monitor granularity. Bits 31 - Reserved. EAX Bit Digital temperature sensor is supported if set. Bit ARAT.

APIC-Timer-always-running feature is supported if set. Bit Reserved. Bit PLN. Power limit notification controls are supported if set. Bit ECMD. Clock modulation duty cycle extension is supported if set. Bit PTM. Package thermal management is supported if set. Bit HWP. Bit HDC. Bit HWP Capabilities. Highest Performance change is supported if set. Bit Flexible HWP is supported if set. The capability to provide a measure of delivered processor performance since last reset of the counters , as a percentage of the expected processor performance when running at the TSC frequency.

Bit SGX. Bit BMI1. Bit HLE. Bit AVX2. Bit SMEP. Supports Supervisor-Mode Execution Prevention if 1. Bit BMI2. Bit RTM. Bit RDT-M. Bit MPX.

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Bit RDT-A. Bit AVXF. Bit ADX. Bit SMAP. Bit CLWB. Bit Intel Processor Trace. Bit SHA. Bit UMIP.

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Supports user-mode instruction prevention if 1. Bit PKU. Supports protection keys for user-mode pages if 1. If 1, OS has set CR4. Bits 16 - Reserved. Bits 24 - Reserved. Supports cache line demote if 1. EDX Bit Reserved. Bits Reserved. Sub-leaf index n is invalid if n exceeds the value that sub-leaf 0 returns in EAX. ECX Reserved. EDX Reserved. Bits 15 - Number of general-purpose performance monitoring counter per logical processor. Bits 23 - Bit width of general-purpose, performance monitoring counter. Bits 31 - Length of EBX bit vector to enumerate architectural performance monitoring events.

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EBX Bit Core cycle event not available if 1. Bit Instruction retired event not available if 1.

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Bit Reference cycles event not available if 1. Bit Last-level cache reference event not available if 1. Bit Last-level cache misses event not available if 1.

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  • Bit Branch instruction retired event not available if 1. Bit Branch mispredict retired event not available if 1. Bit AnyThread deprecation. Sub-leaf index 0 enumerates SMT level. Each subsequent higher sub-leaf index enumerates a higher-level topological entity in hierarchical order. All logical processors with the same next level ID share current level.

    EBX Bits 15 - Number of logical processors at this level type. ECX Bits 07 - Level number. Same value in ECX input. Level type field has the following encoding: 0: Invalid. Bit x87 state. Bit SSE state. Bit AVX state. Bits 04 - MPX state. Bits 07 - AVX state.