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  1. Can You Locate a Car by Its GPS System? | It Still Runs
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Find my car GPS Locator

Before you continue While the parking locator may help you out of a bind from time to time, it isn't quite ready to replace your brain. Locations aren't exact -- for example, the card won't tell you which stall you've parked in at a busy mall, but it can show you if you've parked closer to one side of a block-long parking lot or another.

Can You Locate a Car by Its GPS System? | It Still Runs

Also, it doesn't really have any way of knowing that you've actually been driving a car. You may have been riding a bus, or been a passenger in someone else's car. As a result, Google Now may surface some false positives, and that could chafe over time. It also may not seem very helpful if you travel the same well-worn route from work to home to your kid's school to the gym and back again, and tend to leave the wheels in the same spot each time. There are some circumstances where your brain does just fine. There's also no easy way to toggle the service off and on, like if you want to ignore it most of the time, only turning it on when you travel outside your usual routes.

In fact, apart from opting in or out, you have very little control over the parking card at all. Sometimes it doesn't pop up right away, or even at all. During one test on a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 side-by-side, the parking map appeared many minutes sooner on the Galaxy S4, but still 10 minutes after I initially parked.

Google says that factors like the phone's GPS receptors and the search app's location algorithms play a role in my varied experiences, and that it's also improving the app over time. Hopefully, the next iteration will see even more on-demand options to turn the card into a truly useful tool that you control.

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All my ports are on so I had to convert one to make it turn off but I still have the issue of it working with remote start. If I do remote start the car then the red dot on the app that indicates where my car is goes away.

11 Best “find my car” apps for Android & iOS

The only workaround I have tried is to sync to Dropbox but then there is the issue of added clicking and there is no direction just "North is Up". Downloaded this when I got to the stadium, set my location and went inside. Not close, but exactly the correct row and spot. As we left, we saw dozens of people roaming the parking lot, all hitting the button on their remote, looking for their cars half drunk, I'm sure. Horns beating all around. They should have downloaded this app!

Requires iOS 8.

How the Parked Car feature works

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description FREE for a limited time only to celebrate the new update! Oct 28, Version 2. Information Seller Presselite. Size 8. Category Navigation.